BBA: Entrepreneurship Courses

BUSINESS CORE (required of all majors)

ACC 1901

Principles of Accounting I

A study of the accounting principles with emphasis on the use and analysis of financial information for decision-making purposes.
(3 Hours)
ACC 1902

Principles of Accounting II

A continuation of the study of accounting principles from a user's perspective with an introduction to the internal information needs of management. Prerequisite: ACC 1901.
(3 Hours)
ECON 1901

Principles of Economics I

A study in the foundations of economic analysis, national income accounting, economic growth, and the public sector, with emphasis on macroeconomics
(3 Hours)
ECON 1902

Principles of Microeconomics

A study of markets, the price systems and allocation of resources, distribution of income, international economy, and perspectives on economic change, with emphasis on microeconomics.
(3 Hours)
FIN 2535

Managerial Finance

A study of financial management for business firms to include financing and investing decisions. Prerequisite: ACC 1901.
(3 Hours)
CIS 2501

Fndtn Info Sys for Org

Students learn fundamental concepts and uses of information systems for business and beyond including management information systems, programming, cloud computing, mobile technologies, digital marketing, big data and ethical issues.
(3 Hours)
MATH 1132

Introduction to Statistics

An introduction to elementary statistics, including topics such as normal distribution, histograms, mean, standard deviations, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing techniques. Prerequisite: On the basis of placement scores, a student may be requi
(3 Hours)
MGT 2453

Business Law I

An introduction to the legal system as it applies to commercial transactions and a study of the substantive law of contracts.
(3 Hours)
MGT 2501

Principles of Management

An examination of major concepts, theories and practices in business management, with emphasis on planning, decision-making, basic organizational structures, motivation and leadership styles.
(3 Hours)
MGT 2566

Business Ethics

(3 Hours)
MGT 3990

Strategic Management

An integrative capstone course examining the setting of strategic objectives, developing corporate strategies, and translating objectives and strategies into current operational plans. Prerequisites: MKT 2501, FIN 2535 and MGT 2501 Senior Standing
(3 Hours)
MKT 2501

Principles of Marketing

A study of the marketing environment; marketing, planning, and information; market segmentation; buyer behavior; strategies for product distribution, promotion, and pricing; societal issues, service, nonprofit and international marketing.
(3 Hours)

Entrepreneurship Concentration

ENT 2501

Intro to Entrepreneurship

A study in the foundations of entrepreneurship that can be applied to an individual venture, partnership, small business, or (as in intrapreneurship) a large organization. This course will develop the key elements around creating a business including idea generation, market analysis, business plan development, financing, learning and building an organization.
(3 Hours)
ENT 3510

Creativity and Innovation

This is a course designed to challenge the student's creative and innovative abilities. This course explores methods and practices drawn from the arts, sciences, and social sciences that are used by innovative and creative individuals to develop initiatives and solve complex managerial or organizational problems.
(3 Hours)

ENT Elective above 2000 level (3 hours)

Elective in Management above 2000 level (3 hours)

Elective in Marketing above 2000 level above (3 hours)

Elective in Business (MGT, MKT, ENT, CIS, FIN, ACC, ECON) above 2000 level (3 hours)