Exam Schedules

Female student outside talking
Relieving Stress during Exams

It's that time again! Students are studying for final exams, pulling out all of their notes from their classes, and starting study groups. This time can be very stressful for students. Below are a few helpful tips to help lower stress during exams:

    • Take a study break: This is the time you to surf the web or get on social media
    • Go to the campus events that are created especially for students to relieve stress during exams
    • Study with people who will motivate you to study 
    • Make sure you eat brain foods, as these will give you the energy to continue studying
    • Don't study all day without breaks
    • Pick one day for each subject you are studying for
    • Pace yourself. Map out which days you are going to study which subjects
    • Don't stress. If you don't understand something, get help
    • Don't wait until the last minute to start studying

If you can at least do some of these things - if not all of them - you will be well prepared for all of your exams and not end up stressed to the max when you finish your exams.