Housing Contract

The College establishes policies to inform students of their responsibility for their actions within the residence halls. They are designed to promote and maintain an atmosphere conducive to community living.

All residents are responsible for knowing and adhering to these rules and regulations. Violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action. The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, or gender in the administration of educational policies.


  1. The term of this contract is for the first day of the occupancy of a residence hall through the last day of occupancy of a residence hall.
  2. The student must be enrolled full time in undergraduate or graduate courses in order to be eligible for college housing. The student must have a health form on file with Health Services.
  3. The College reserves the right to refuse admission or readmission to the residence halls if the student fails to meet the College admission requirements or if the student is in violation of current College policies or regulations.
  4. The College may terminate this contract for the following reasons: (a) Failure to pay the room rent; (b) Violations of code of conduct as outlined by the College’s Student Handbook.
    1. The student may terminate this contract for the following reasons: (a) Graduation; (b) Failure to enroll for any semester or session on the contract. Documentation may be required by the College to show cause for cancellation.
  5. The College reserves the right to make, revise, change, and/or modify all residence hall, room, and/or roommate assignments at any time it is determined appropriate.


  1. It shall grant the use of the facilities for the published date that residence halls are open, except during official recesses, until the published date that residence halls close.
  2. In the event of mechanical, electrical or water difficulties, it shall make all reasonable efforts to restore service but shall give no abatement in room rates because of inability to restore service, and shall not be liable for any inconvenience.
  3. It shall furnish student rooms with a bed, chest of drawers, chair, desk, and basic cable. Because of limited space and fire regulations, the College does not provide storage facilities.
  4. Room assignments will be made once the student has completed all application materials, has signed a housing contract and paid the required college deposit. Roommate requests for new students must be received by June 1st.
  5. Returning upper-class students are responsible for finding their own roommates. The College will assist with this process only at the student’s request. Private room fees will be charged for those students who do not have roommates.


  1. Exercise reasonable care in the use of the facilities, care for his/her room, abide by all College rules and regulations, whether such regulations be now in effect or later enacted, and accept penalties for violation of all College rules and regulations (Infractions of rules and regulations may be dealt with administratively or by the College Conduct system).
  2. Upon check-in, sign a room condition report accepting responsibility for room furnishings and equipment.
  3. Upon termination of occupancy, check out with the Director, Assistant Director, Area Coordinator, or Resident Assistant, who will inspect the room and relieve the occupant of responsibility for the room, its furnishings and equipment, or recommend assessment against the occupant for damages and missing property. Failure to properly check out with a Residence Life Staff member will result in a fine.
  4. Pay the cost of replacement or repair of damages to the student’s room, fixtures, and contents.
  5. Students will be responsible for a pro-rated share of costs associated with damage to communal property when the responsible persons cannot be identified. The College will divide the cost for repair of damages to communal property equally among residents of the hallway or building in which they occur.
  6. Not assign the contract, sublet the assigned room to another party, or change rooms without advance approval; a fine will be levied for changing rooms without permission.
  7. Not alter or repair electrical equipment or fixtures which belong to the College. Defects in electrical equipment must be reported to a Residence Life Staff member.
  8. Not keep or permit pets of any kind except common aquarium fish.
  9. Abide by the procedures and guidelines in the Visitation/Guest Policy (see Student Handbook).
  10. Abide by the procedures and guidelines of the Alcohol Policy for the College and the residence hall (see Student Handbook).
  11. Not exit, prop, or open any locked exterior door.
  12. Be familiar with and abide by all policies and regulations as listed in the Catawba College Student Handbook.