Integrated Marketing Communication Courses

Communication Courses Required

COMM 1050

Introduction to Communication

This course provides an introduction to core concepts of Communication and a survey of the main subfields, methodologies, topics and trends in contemporary communication.
(3 Hours)
COMM 1110

Intro to Converging Media

An introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of modern media with emphasis on the convergence and integration of modern media.
(3 Hours)
COMM 2255

Writing For Media

Theory and practice in various forms of writing for print journalism, electronic journalism, and public relations.
(3 Hours)
COMM 2701

Public Relations

An introduction to the theories, principles and practices of modern public relations.
(3 Hours)
COMM 3050

Digital Cultures

This course explores contemporary issues and concepts focused on the different ways that digital technology impacts interpersonal relationships, economics, politics, and culture. Students will emerge with a clearer understanding of the ways new media technologies impact and shape their lives, with improved media literacy, and with the vocabulary and skills necessary to engage in meaningful discussions, debates and interventions around digital technologies and its various impacts in their lives.
(3 Hours)

Select ONE of the following:

COMM 2810

Organizational Communication

An introduction to the theory and practices associated with management and communication of information within organizations and businesses.
(3 Hours)
COMM 2120

Interpersonal Communication

A study of various theories and types of verbal communication as they affect the dynamics of human relationships.
(3 Hours)

Marketing Courses Required

MKT 2501

Principles of Marketing

A study of the marketing environment; marketing, planning, and information; market segmentation; buyer behavior; strategies for product distribution, promotion, and pricing; societal issues, service, nonprofit and international marketing.
(3 Hours)
MKT 2502

Consumer Behavior

A study of factors that influence the decision to purchase a product or service to include both the consumer and industrial sectors. Prerequisite: MKT 2501
(3 Hours)
MKT 2503


A study of advertising issues in both traditional and electronic environments, to include policy formulation, promotional activities, agency selection and analysis. Prerequisites: MKT 2502.
(3 Hours)
MKT 3402

Retail Management

Foundational knowledge of the retail industry, including types of retailers, consumer buying behavior, retail operations management, merchandise management, and retail marketing strategies. Prerequisite: MKT 2501.
(3 Hours)

Select ONE of the following:

COMM 4401

Internship in Communication

A supervised application of theory to practice in a functional area relating to communication arts. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
(6 Hours)
MGT 4403

Experiential Learning

Same as CIS 4403. A reality-based, outside-of-the-classroom experience, under the supervision of a faculty member. This experience may include practicum, service learning, study abroad, computer simulation, or other similar approved experience. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
(6 Hours)
MKT 3990

Strategic Marketing

(3 Hours)

Other Required Business Courses - THREE of the following electives:

ACC 1901

Principles of Accounting I

A study of the accounting principles with emphasis on the use and analysis of financial information for decision-making purposes.
(3 Hours)
DMP 1501

Intro to Digital Media Product

Covers the basic skills of content production. Theory of camera use, editing and storytelling will be covered. Use of editing software will be introduced and used.
(3 Hours)
ECON 1902

Principles of Microeconomics

A study of markets, the price systems and allocation of resources, distribution of income, international economy, and perspectives on economic change, with emphasis on microeconomics.
(3 Hours)
ENT 2501

Intro to Entrepreneurship

A study in the foundations of entrepreneurship that can be applied to an individual venture, partnership, small business, or (as in intrapreneurship) a large organization. This course will develop the key elements around creating a business including idea generation, market analysis, business plan development, financing, learning and building an organization.
(3 Hours)
ENT 2512

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing focuses on the four key marketing drivers for building a business, using the traditional "4P's" marketing framework. This course emphasizes and develops the elements of a product, place, promotion, and price that are most important for entrepreneurial ventures.
(3 Hours)
CIS 2501

Fndtn Info Sys for Org

Students learn fundamental concepts and uses of information systems for business and beyond including management information systems, programming, cloud computing, mobile technologies, digital marketing, big data and ethical issues.
(3 Hours)
CIS 3514

Web Tech & Elec Comm

A study of web technologies including cloud computing, social media, web site development, and search engine optimization for e-commerce and other applications. Students learn to use development tools and languages for web development. Prerequisite: CIS 1400 or MATH 1400.
(3 Hours)
MGT 2501

Principles of Management

An examination of major concepts, theories and practices in business management, with emphasis on planning, decision-making, basic organizational structures, motivation and leadership styles.
(3 Hours)

Students majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication cannot pursue minors in Marketing or Communication.