Catawba College Esports Team Wins Conference Championship

Catawba College’s Esports program won its third conference championship in Overwatch on December 8th over #1-seeded Clark University.

The Catawba Esports program competes in the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) with over 100 colleges and universities. They have claimed conference championships in League of Legends (ECAC), VALORANT (ECAC), and Overwatch (NECC).

Catawba’s Esports program is led by founding coach and coordinator Gidd Sasser, now entering his fifth year leading the program. Since its inception in the spring of 2019 as the first varsity Esports program in North Carolina, Sasser has led them to over 325 game victories, 137 series wins, and 17 playoff appearances. The program has expanded to include nearly 50 Esports-athletes.

“In their first season together, the Catawba Overwatch team closed out the fall with a dominant championship win,” said Sasser. “This achievement becomes even more impressive when you understand over half the team had to re-learn the game on different equipment mid-season which is similar to a right-handed player playing left-handed for the first time ever. You wouldn't expect them to be just as good immediately.”

Asked about the continued championship success of the esports program, Coach Sasser stated, “it takes an unbelievable amount of effort and determination. This team is a shining example of what it means to represent Catawba College in game, the practice room, and in the classroom. I'm incredibly excited to watch their continued growth as we look to repeat in the spring. Very proud of this young group of guys.”

NECC Navigators East Champions
All regular season matches are a best of five. The championship game is a best of seven.

Regular season record: 7-2 (Map score 24-7)
Playoff record: 3-0 (Map score 10-1)
Championship: 4-1 defeating #1-seeded Clark University

Catawba College Overwatch (Blue) - Starting Roster

Cameron Hensley - Support - Junior
Nathan Johnson - DPS - Junior
Zachary Smith - Support - Sophomore
Joshua Warstler - DPS - Junior
Kirill Camp - Tank - Sophomore
Zachary Bryant - DPS - Senior

Student Managers
Clay Brown - Senior
Carson Turlington - Sophomore

Student Scout/analyst team
Christopher Little - Senior
Jacob McNeely - Sophomore

Re-Run of finals    s/1674000147

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