Update from the Provost: 7/25

Dear Students and Families, Each week until classes begin, you will receive a Weekly Update from the Provost to keep you informed of various details of our Return to Catawba Plan, which emphasizes: • Protecting ourselves – daily self-monitoring; frequent hand washing and sanitizing • Protecting othe...

Dear Students and Families,

Each week until classes begin, you will receive a Weekly Update from the Provost to keep you informed of various details of our  Return to Catawba Plan, which emphasizes:

Protecting ourselves – daily self-monitoring; frequent hand washing and sanitizing

Protecting others – maintain physical distancing, stay home if sick or symptomatic, wear face covering

Protecting the Catawba community – keep academic and work spaces clean, participate in testing and contact tracing, follow traffic pattern, stairwell, and entry/exit signs.

View last week’s Update from the Provost here, which discusses physical distancing in the classroom and face-to-face, hybrid, and online classes. 

This week, I wanted to share with you some more details about how we will keep each other safe on campus:

Daily Self Screenings: 
Students will be required to conduct a daily self-health monitoring prior to arriving on campus or engaging in on-campus activity. Catawba has developed a self-health questionnaire for students to complete each day, which may be accessed here and which is accessible through the COVID-19 icon on the Catawba app. The daily self-health monitoring contains the requirement students take their temperatures daily. Based on student answers to the questionnaire, the on-line form will notify each student to report to class or activity or to contact the Proctor Student Health Center or his/her primary care provider for further guidance. 

You are encouraged to bring a thermometer for your personal use.  However, there will also be resources around campus for daily temperature checks.  The Athletics department will check temperatures of student athletes before practices.  Additionally, you will find temperature kiosks in Hedrick Administration Building and the Student Center that will allow you to walk up and have your temperature read using thermal cameras! 

Additionally, family and other visitors will need to complete the screening before moving around campus. 

Face Coverings:
Catawba will provide two (2) cloth face coverings to each student. Catawba students are required to wear a face covering on campus when in the presence of others and in public settings where other physical distancing guidelines are difficult to maintain. This includes the wearing of face coverings in classrooms and labs. Appropriate use of a face covering is critical to reducing risk to others near you. You may spread the COVID-19 virus to others even if you do not feel sick.

Computers and Computer Labs:
Computers and other shared equipment present an opportunity for contamination and spread of COVID-19.  For this reason, we ask that you bring a personal computer to campus for your use.  While a laptop-style device is recommended, the style, brand, and specifications are flexible and personal choice.  At minimum, the computer should have a camera and microphone for virtual participation in classes, as well as the capabilities for successfully accessing Blackboard, Office 360, and other software and web resources that may be used in classes.

Internships and Work-study:
At Catawba, we recognize the importance of practical experiences, such as internships and work study, to your education.  Therefore, we will continue to offer internships and work-study in the Fall semester while classes are still on campus.  Decisions about internships are at the discretion of the department, and based on the availability and restrictions by the intern site. When an internship is required for state regulated curricular or licensure requirements, the internship may proceed. When an internship is optional or may be completed in a different semester without effecting a student's progress toward graduation, we do encourage that you delay the internship until the Spring Semester.   In all cases where an internship occurs in Fall 2020, the student will need to be made aware of health and safety risks and fill out a liability waiver.  

The work-study program will continue to operate this academic year, while campus remains open for classes.   As a student employee, work-study students will be held to the same protocols/policies as our other employees. This includes:

  • Daily Self Screening (health questionnaire)
  • Wearing of masks while working
  • Increased hand washing/sanitizing
  • Increased cleaning of work spaces
  • No handshakes
  • Communal objects (i.e. staplers, pens, etc.) should not be shared if possible. Items that have to be shared such as copiers and filing cabinet handles should be wiped off after each use. 

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing:
Catawba realizes this pandemic creates stressful situations for students and their families. Should you need assistance, we urge you to contact Catawba’s Office of Counseling Services by calling 704-637- 4307 or visiting the counseling center located in the Student Affairs Office in the Cannon Student Center. Information about Catawba Counseling Services may be located  here.  

While the Fall may look different than past semesters, some things will always be the same.  Catawba’s true value and mission will always be to offer an education rich in personal attention that helps you reach your highest potential.

 You may have additional questions, concerns, or feedback.  Please feel free to contact me using the “Ask the Provost” form. 


See you very soon!

Constance Rogers-Lowery Ph.D. 
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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