Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for proper registration, use, and operation of their vehicles in accordance with the traffic and parking policies at Catawba College and in North Carolina. All parking spaces on campus other than visitor spaces are permit parking only.

By registering a vehicle on campus, the operator agrees to comply with the policies of Catawba College. The vehicle must properly display a decal or temporary permit issued by the College. Vehicles whose parking permits are not displayed properly will be ticketed.

Faculty, staff and student parking is permitted in designated areas only. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on campus streets at all times. The speed limit on campus streets is 15 mph, except where slower speeds are necessary or indicated. Faculty, staff, student, and visitor vehicles are not permitted on pedestrian walkways or on the campus lawn, may only be driven on authorized campus streets, and parked only in designated parking spaces.

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