Strategic Plan

Catawba College has entered Phase III in the planning process for the strategic plan.

Timeline for Catawba College's Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Day - November 15, 2022

Catawba College suspended campus activities for the day to ensure full campus commitment in Phase II conversations to what the aspirational horizons will be. View the notes from the sessions below:

1 - Academics

2 - Experiential Learning

3 - Sustainability

4 - Well Being, Equity, and Belonging

5 - Adaptive Innovation 

6 - Lifelong Learning

7 - People Development

8 - Student Experience

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President's Perspective

The President's Perspective will provide insight to works that have shaped and inspired the thinking and approach to strategic planning of Catawba College President David P. Nelson.

A variety of works will be shared throughout the Fall semester along with the opportunity to meet with President Nelson and others across campus to further discuss the material. 

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