Solar Installations at Catawba College

When Catawba’s solar project was completed in the summer of 2015, it produced more solar electricity than that produced by all of North Carolina’s other colleges and universities combined.

Eight Buildings On Campus Incorporate Solar Elements
The installation includes photovoltaic systems, solar thermal collectors, campus-wide water fixture replacements and extra roof insulation. This is projected to save the college nearly $5 million over the next 20 years and was uncommon for systems to be mounted on existing rooftops and parking lots, as Catawba’s is. More often, the projects are installed on large field areas. Catawba’s project is significant because it doesn’t take up additional land resources.

Types of Solar installations at Catawba

There are two types of solar installations on Catawba's rooftops. Read more below:

Photovoltaic Panels

These panels use solar energy to produce electricity. The photovoltaic systems at Catawba College are broken down into systems that directly serve the College and systems that send power back to the grid.

Solar Thermal Collectors

The solar thermal collectors at Catawba College use solar energy to generate heat. This heat is then used for hot water, particularly in the College's residence halls, gymnasium, and field house.

Current Installations

In the table below, campus-serving power is under "Net Metered", and the systems that send electricity to the grid are "Sell-All".
Photovoltaic Panel Installations System size (kilowatts dc) # Modules Total reported kilowatt-hours (kWh) since installation # Solar Thermal Collectors
NET METERED TOTALS 171 620 1,124,337  
Stanback Hall
Solar - Stanback Hall
22 80 167,377 15
Woodson Hall
Solar - Woodson Residence Hall
33 120 251,023 24
Williams Music Building
Solar - Williams Music Building
17 60 122,445  
Corriher-Linn-Black Library
Solar - Corriher-Linn-Black Library
33 120 242,583  
Robertson College-Community Center
Solar - Robertson College-Community Center
66 240 340,909  
Barger-Zartman Hall
(solar thermal only)
Solar - Barger-Zartman Residence Hall /  BZ
SELL-ALL TOTALS 667 2,424 5,828,198  
Shuford Parking Canopy
Solar - Shuford Parking Canopy
132 480 751,481  
Hayes Field House
Solar - Hayes Field House
218 792 2,101,480 12
Abernethy Physical Education Center
Solar - Abernethy PE Center
317 1,152 2,975,237 15
(Net Meter + Sell-All)
837 3,044 6,952,535 76