Sport Management Courses

Required Courses for the Major

SPM 1200

Intro to Sport Management

This course introduces students to the sport management profession. Primary focus is on the sport industry, including professional sports, amateur and community sports, interscholastic athletics, intercollegiate athletics, sport marketing agencies and sports tourism. Open to non-sports management majors.
(3 Hours)
SPM 1400

Intercollegiate Athletics

This course comprises the study of college athletics, including an analysis of the management of a collegiate athletic department, and a review of the organizational structure in regards to the NCAA, conferences, and institutional athletic departments. The course will include discussion on current issues in college athletics including financial trends, legislation, conference realignment, reform, Title IX/Gender Equity, and other relevant issues.
(3 Hours)
SPM 1500


This course is a directed field experience designed to help students gain initial or continuing work experience in their chosen specialty area or to explore a variety of sport settings in order to determine their desired work setting in preparation for the required full-time internship. Assistance in securing a work site is provided if necessary.
(1 Hours)
SPM 2600

Mgmt of Events & Sports Fac

This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn multiple aspects of sports facilities and event management. A focus on planning, financing, marketing, implementation, security and human resources will be covered as the course integrates theoretical foundations with real work practicality and application. Prerequisites: SPM 1200 and SPM 1500.
(3 Hours)
SPM 2800

Sport PR & Communications

This course provides instruction, analysis, and training in the principles and practice of public relations in sport organizations. Students will gain valuable skills and hands-on experience in sports public relations campaigns, social media outreach for sports teams, as well as in working with specific sports agencies. Students will have the opportunity to critically assess the communication efforts of sports organization as well as construct their own public relations campaigns.
(3 Hours)
SPM 2900

Sport History

The course will examine the history of sport and physical activity. Students will be encouraged to challenge the stereotypes of sport and to think critically about the role of organized athletics as part of the cultural fabric of the United States. The emphasis will be on the history of American sport and international events such as the Olympics and World Cup. Prerequisites: SPM 1200 and SPM 1500.
(3 Hours)
HSHP 3100

Recreational Leadership

A basic course including fundamentals of recreational leadership, group dynamics, and human relation skills. The course is designed for upper-class students within the Health and Science department.
(3 Hours)
SPM 3500

Practicum in Sport Management

An ongoing relationship with an agency or group related to the student's sport management interest, resulting in understanding of the purpose and methods of the agency or group. Prerequisite: Departmental acceptance. The minimum number of work experience hours is determined at the time of the practicum acceptance.
(5 Hours)
SPM 3600

Sport Marketing

This course investigates principles and processes in sport marketing. A variety of marketing techniques and approaches are analyzed to broaden students' backgrounds in this area and to better allow them to develop effective and comprehensive sports marketing plans. Prerequisites: SPM 2600, SPM 2900, MKT 2501.
(3 Hours)
SPM 3900

Sport Law

A study of the law as it relates to recreation and sport. The four major fields of law will be reviewed -- tort law, criminal law, contract law and constitutional law. Prerequisites: SPM 2600 and SPM 2900.
(3 Hours)
SPM 4100

Sport Philosophy and Ethics

This course is the culminating experience for students majoring in Sport Management. It is a writing intensive course and includes an in-depth study into the implementation of various programs as well as philosophical approaches to recreation and sport management. Topics to be covered will include philosophy, societal issues, ethics and issues facing the profession in the 21st century. Prerequisites: SPM 3600 and SPM 3900.
(3 Hours)
SPM 4800

Seminar in Sport Management

This class serves as the capstone course in the Sport Management program. This course features an in-depth discussion on advanced topics in sport management, multiple group projects and an emphasis on career development. Prerequisites: SPM 3600 and SPM 3900.
(3 Hours)
HSHP 4448

Internship in HS&HP

Practical work experience with a cooperating agent and under the supervision of a departmental faculty member. Credit is granted as a result of pre-agreement and planning of the advisor and student. The minimum number of work experience hours is determined at the time of field experience acceptance. Written work and a summary evaluation is required.
(12 Hours)
ACC 1901

Principles of Accounting I

A study of the accounting principles with emphasis on the use and analysis of financial information for decision-making purposes.
(3 Hours)
ECON 1901

Principles of Economics I

A study in the foundations of economic analysis, national income accounting, economic growth, and the public sector, with emphasis on macroeconomics
(3 Hours)
FIN 2535

Managerial Finance

A study of financial management for business firms to include financing and investing decisions. Prerequisite: ACC 1901.
(3 Hours)
MGT 2501

Principles of Management

An examination of major concepts, theories and practices in business management, with emphasis on planning, decision-making, basic organizational structures, motivation and leadership styles.
(3 Hours)
MKT 2501

Principles of Marketing

A study of the marketing environment; marketing, planning, and information; market segmentation; buyer behavior; strategies for product distribution, promotion, and pricing; societal issues, service, nonprofit and international marketing.
(3 Hours)
COMM 1101

Fundamentals of Speech

A study of oral communication with attention to vocal delivery, bodily action, and speech composition.
(3 Hours)

Restricted Elective - Select TWO of the following:

HSHP 2355

Psychology of Sport

A study of the conditions affecting skill acquisition and human performance.
(3 Hours)
ENT 2501

Intro to Entrepreneurship

A study in the foundations of entrepreneurship that can be applied to an individual venture, partnership, small business, or (as in intrapreneurship) a large organization. This course will develop the key elements around creating a business including idea generation, market analysis, business plan development, financing, learning and building an organization.
(3 Hours)
IS 2501

Fnd. of Info Systems for Organ

Students learn fundamental concepts and uses of information systems for business and beyond including management information systems, programming, cloud computing, mobile technologies, digital marketing, big data and ethical issues.
(3 Hours)
HSHP 2282

Recreational Management

Identification and explanation of administrative opportunities specific to recreation. Particular emphasis given to personnel, facilities development and maintenance, scheduling, and financial management.
(3 Hours)
MGT 2451

Legal Environment of Business

(3 Hours)