Weapons Policy

Effective 10/22/13

It is against College policy to possess weapons (concealed or otherwise) on the College campus. This can be defined as any illegal or unauthorized possession of firearms, explosives, other weapons or dangerous chemicals on College premises or use of any such item, even if legally possessed, in a manner that harms, threatens or causes fear to others. No persons, including but not limited to students, faculty, or staff shall possess, or carry, whether openly or concealed, any gun, rifle, dynamite cartridge, bomb, grenade, mine, explosive, bowie knife, dirk, dagger, sling-shot, leaded cane, switchblade knife, blackjack, metal knuckles or any other weapon of like kind, not used solely for instructional or College-sanctioned ceremonial purposes, in any public or private College building or vehicle. Possession of any type of firearm, explosive (including any type of fireworks) or any other weapon is not allowed on campus. All BB, pellet or air rifles are considered firearms and are not permitted on campus.

This policy pertains to all campus areas including, but not limited to, common areas, public or private buildings, vehicles, student housing, and any campus residences occupied by full-time and/or part-time employees of the College.

This policy does not apply to law enforcement personnel who are on campus in the conduct of their duties.

Persons violating the provisions of this section may also violate state and/or federal law and be subject to fines and penalties. Catawba College will implement strict consequences for members who violate these provisions, and violators are subject to termination, suspension and/or expulsion from the College.