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Computer Science Courses

Required Courses for the Major

MATH 1601

Principles of Computation

A study of topics in discrete mathematics fundamental to understanding theoretical computation. Topics include set theory, logic, logic circuits, matrices, search processes, recursive processes, induction and finite automata.
(3 Hours)
MATH 1801


A study of the calculus of functions of a single variable. Topics may include techniques and application of differentiation, basic techniques of integration, applications of integration, elementary numerical integration, improper integrals and I'Hopital's Rule.
(4 Hours)
MATH 1802

Intermediate Calculus

A continuation of the study of the calculus of functions of a single variable. Topics may include more advanced techniques of integration, infinite sequences and series, power series (including Taylor and Maclaurin series), parametric equations and polar coordinates. Prerequisite: MATH 1801.
(4 Hours)
MATH 3501

Linear Algebra

A study of the theory and applications of vector spaces, linear transformations, and matrices. Prerequisite: MATH 1701 or MATH 1801.
(3 Hours)
MATH 3515

Numerical Analysis

An introduction to numerical methods utilizing the computer, including the solution of a system of linear equations, solution of non-linear equations, numerical differentiation and integration. Prerequisites: MATH 1802 and MATH/CIS 1400.
(3 Hours)
MATH 3521

Mathematical Statistics

A study of the theory and applications of probability and statistics, including discrete and continuous probability models, and hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: MATH 1802.
(3 Hours)
CIS 1400

Intro to Programming

Same as MATH 1400. A study of basic skills for computer programming. Students will utilize the programming process to design and create original artifacts using basic programming elements. An introduction to data, objects, and issues of privacy and ethics is included.
(3 Hours)
CIS 2400

Intermediate Programming

A study of the design, programming, testing and implementation of computer applications using intermediate programming and early objects.  Recursion, file IO and graphical user interfaces are introduced. Prerequisite: MATH/CIS 1400.
(3 Hours)
CIS 2512

Hardware & Sys Software

A study of hardware/software technology, including tradeoffs in computer architecture for effective use in a business environment, installation and configuration of system architecture for single, central and networked computing systems, as well as single and multiuser operating systems. Prerequisite: MATH/CIS 1400.
(3 Hours)
CIS 3212

Intro to Databases

This course covers database design, development and the use of database management systems for applications. Data mining and data warehousing topics are introduced.
(3 Hours)
CIS 3312

Algorithms and Data Struc

AA study of the theory and implementation of specific data structures (including stacks, queues, trees, graphs and hash tables) and their associated algorithms incorporated into abstract data types (ADTs). Prerequisites: MATH 1601 and CIS 2400.
(3 Hours)
CIS 3512

Comp Netw & Secur

Fundamental principles of networking, including such topics as network analysis, design, implementation, security and management. Prerequisite: MATH/CIS 1400.
(3 Hours)
CIS 3400

Advanced Programming

A study of software development, covering advanced object-oriented analysis, design, and programming using a specific object-oriented language(s). Integration with other systems, such as databases and GUIs, are also included. Prerequisites: CIS 2400 and CIS 3212.
(3 Hours)
CIS 4400

Capstone Experience

A capstone experience for advanced mathematics, mathematical finance or computer science majors to integrate content learned in courses spanning the major, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of learned knowledge, in a project having a professional focus and effective communication of the results of the study. Course requirements also include a satisfactory score on a major field achievement test. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Math, Mathematical Finance or Computer Science Major.
(3 Hours)

Two CIS Electives (3000 level or higher - 6 hours)