Named Endowed Funds

Catawba College is fortunate to have alumni, friends, and businesses who have generously contributed funds to establish named endowments for the purpose of providing support for people, programs and facilities. The principal of an endowment gift is invested by the College, and a portion of the annual interest earned is used to support the purpose selected by the donor.

To learn more about how to support Catawba College or to establish a new endowed fund or scholarship, please contact the Development Office at 704.637.4394

Below is a list of Catawba’s endowed funds. View a list of named scholarships on the Scholarships page.

Catawba College Named Endowment Funds


The Robert & Susan Arnold ’71 Athletic Endowment

The Robert & Susan Arnold ’71 Athletic Endowment

Barger-Zartman Maintenance Barger-Zartman Hall Maintenance Endowment
Bashore Prof-Environmental Science The Bashore Professorship in Environmental Science
Bashore Unrestriced Endowment The Anne Bashore Unrestricted Endowment
Black, Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Library Endowment The Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Black Library Endowment
Blue Masque Young Artist Fund The Blue Masque Young Artist Endowed Fund
Boardman Performing Arts Prize The Boardman Performing Arts Prize
Board of Visitors International Travel & Scholarship Endowment The Board of Visitors Endowed Fund for International Travel and Scholarships
Brady Author's Symposium Endowment The Brady Author's Symposium Endowment
Brady, Goodman, Johnson Endowment The Brady, Goodman, Johnson Endowment
Braun, Milton Award The Milton Braun Award Endowed Fund
Caddell, Joyce Fund for Volunteerism The Professor Joyce Caddell Endowed Fund for Volunteerism
Campus Ministry Endowment Fund The Campus Ministry Endowment Fund
Carroll, T. S. CTT Ex Symposium The Thomas S. Carroll Executive Symposium Fund
Center for Vocation & Values The Center for Vocation & Values
Childress, Tom Fund The Tom Childress Student Emergency Endowed Fund
Clapp, Ken Discovery Fund

The Ken Clapp Discovery Fund

Clapp, Rev. Dr. Kenneth Tri-Delta Award Endowment The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Clapp Tri-Delta Award Endowment Fund
Coble, John Training Center Endowment The John D. Coble Training Center Endowment Fund
Councill Family Internships Endowment The Councill Family Endowed Fund for Internships
Davis, David Boyd Endowed Fund for Vocational Exploration The David Boyd Davis Endowed Fund for Vocational Exploration
Davis, Margaret Vocation & Values Fund The Margaret Davis Vocation & Values Fund
Dead Athenian Society (DAS) Endowment The Dead Athenian Society (DAS) Endowment Fund
Dellinger, Horace & Frances Volunteer Endowed Fund The Horace & Frances Dellinger Volunteer Endowment 
Endowed Professorship, The Dr. David Faust and Dr. Raymond Jenkins  The Dr. David Faust and Dr. Raymond Jenkins Endowed Professorship Fund

Environmental Endowment Fund

The Environmental Endowment Fund
Fisher, J. E. Fac. Inc. Grant The J.E. Fisher Faculty Incentive Grant Endowment
Fogg, Anne C. Endowed Fund The Anne C. FOGG Endowed Fund
Frock Field Maintenance Endowment Frock Field Maintenance Endowment
General Endowment General Endowment Fund
Goodman Endowment The Goodman Endowment
Griffith, Bruce Library Fund The Dr. Bruce Griffith Library Endowment in History
Grove, Dean Award The Dean Grove Award Endowed Fund
Hamlin, Peter L. Environmental Science The Peter L. Hamlin Environmental  Science Collection
Hamm, L.P. "Bud" Fund for International Travel The L.P. "Bud" Hamm Endowed Fund for International Travel
Herman, Leona Fleming Professorship The Leona Fleming Herman Professorship in English
Hurley, James & Gerry  Endowed Fund for International Travel & Study Abroad The James H. & Gerry T. Hurley Endowed Fund for International Travel and Study Abroad

IMPACT Grants 

IMPACT Grants – Travel Fund

Jefferson Pilot Professorship The Jefferson Pilot Professorship
Jenkins, Raymond Endowment The Raymond Jenkins Fund for Faculty Development
Jenkins, Raymond Christian Ministry The Raymond Jenkins Christian Ministry Endowment
Johnson Jr, Allen S. Tennis Complex The Allen S. Johnson Tennis Complex Endowment Fund
Kelly, Jack Memorial Award The Jack Kelly Memorial Award
Kenan Jr., W. R. Endowment The W. R. Kenan, Jr. Endowment
Kern Endowment Kern Endowment
Ketner Hall Maintenance Endowment The Ralph W. Ketner Hall Maintenance Endowment
Ketner, Glenn & Addie International Studies The Glenn & Addie Ketner Center for International Studies
Kirkland Field Endowment Fund The Kirkland Field Endowment Fund
Knott, Robert Endowment for Faculty Development The Dr. Robert Knott Endowment for Faculty Development
Kuhnert, Richard Athletic Training Maintenace Endowment The Richard Kuhnert Endowed Fund for Athletic Training Maintenance
Kuhnert, Sally P. Endowed Fund for Mathematics The Sally P. Kuhnert Endowed Fund for Mathematics
Leonard, Barry Campus Ministry The Barry D. Leonard Campus Ministry Endowment Fund
Leonard, Theodore & Jacqueline Lounge The Theodore & Jacqueline Leonard Lounge Endowment
Leonard, Theodore & Jacqueline Endowed Fund The Theodore & Jacqueline Leonard Endowment Fund
Lerner Wellness Center Endowed Maintenace Fund The Lerner Wellness Endowment for Maintenance
Library Archives Fund The Library Archives Endowed Fund
Library, General Endowment Library General Endowment Fund
Lofland, Rodger Endowed Fund The Rodger Lofland Endowed Fund
Math & Science Endowment The Math & Science Endowment

Men’s Lacrosse Endowment

Men’s Lacrosse Endowment

Muse, Susan & Charles Endowed Fund for Internships The Susan & Charles Muse Endowed Fund for the Ketner School of Business Internships

Najarian, Olivia Fund for Volunteerism

The Olivia Najarian Fund for Volunteerism
Nicolson, Mary Work Study Endowment The Mary Nicolson Work Study Endowment
Noblett Memorial Loan Fund The Noblett Memorial Loan Fund

Omwake-Dearborn Chapel & Organ Fund

The Omwake-Dearborn Chapel & Organ Fund
Order of the Blue & White Endowment Order of the Blue & White Endowment Fund
Peeler, Clifford & Lillian End. Professorship The Clifford & Lillian Peeler Endowed Professorship
Philomathean Society Endowment The Philomathean Society Endowment
Physical Plant Endowment Fund Physical Plant Endowment Fund
Poovey, C. Earl Professorship The C. Earl Poovey Professorship in Foreign Language
Poovey, Ida Truesdale Professorship The Ida Truesdale Poovey Professorship in English
Pridgen-Wright-Jones Endowment Fund The Pridgen-Wright Jones Endowment Fund
Reed, Lulu Ruth Library Endowment The Lulu Ruth Reed Library Endowment
Rice, Andrews, Young Foreign Language Award Rice, Andrews, Young Foreign Language Award
Rintz-Pedersen Endowed Fund The Rintz-Pedersen Endowed Fund for Volunteer Service
Russell, Dr. William L. Physical Education Fund The Dr. William L. Russell Endowment for Physical Education
Saleeby Professorship For Business The Saleeby Professorship in Business
Saleeby, Elias A. Unrestricted Endowment The Elias A. Saleeby Unrestricted Endowment Fund
Seal, George L. End. Maint. Ketner Hall The George L. Seal Maintenance Fund for Ketner Hall
Seiwell Campus Ministry Chair Endowment The Seiwell Campus Ministry Chair Endowment
Sell Family Library Endowment The Sell Family Library Endowment
Shoe, Grady & Frances Endowment The Grady & Frances Shoe Endowment for Orientation

The Wade Hampton Shuford, Jr. & Joanne Whiteford Family Fund for Enrichment and Faith Development

The Wade Hampton Shuford, Jr. & Joanne White Shuford Family Fund for Enrichment and Faith Development
Smith, Mary Eunice Loan Fund The Mary Eunice Smith Loan Fund
Swink Teaching Award Endowment The Swink Teaching Award Endowment
Turney, Dr. Charles Award The Dr. Charles Turney Award Endowment Fund
Volunteer Catawba Endowment The Volunteer Catawba Endowment Fund
Wachovia Fnd Fund for Excellence The Wachovia Foundation Fund for Excellence
Wallenborn, Dr. A. Lorraine Endowed Memorial Fund for Nursing The Dr. A. Lorraine Wallenborn Endowed Memorial Fund for Nursing
Weaver Endowed Chair of Humanities The Weaver Endowed Chair for Humanities
Wentz Endowed Philosophy Award The Wentz Philosophy Award Endowment Fund
Wentz Library Endowed Library Fund The Bruce & Frances Decker Wentz Library Endowment
Whitener Medal The Whitener Medal Endowment
Wilson, Mildred F. Bus. Faculty/Staff The Millard F. Wilson Business Faculty/Staff Fund
Young, Lois Rogerson Library Endowment The Lois Rogerson Young Library Endowment

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