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Thoughts on the College Experience

January 25, 2016

Category: Alumni Blogs

2007 Catawba alumna Lauren Ebersole of Hagerstown, Md., recently blogs about her take on the college experience. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had many thoughts outside of work. But this weekend as I’ve had a change to breathe and relax I met up with two former professors who were…

Road Trip to Alaska

December 4, 2012

Category: Alumni Blogs

Recently Guy & I looked at the calendar and realized that if we were ever going to see Alaska, it was time to go. Off we went to AAA Travel Agency for maps and tour books and a "pep talk" from a AAA rep. He was excited about the trip and did a good sell job. I packed "all the clothes I own"…

Adventures of a Nerdy Nomad

June 1, 2012

Category: Alumni Blogs

Adventures of a Nerdy Nomad is a blog by 2008 Catawba alumna Aileen [Thomson] Rhodes.

The Finale (On Assignment in Indonesia)

June 1, 2012

Category: Alumni Blogs

I came to Indonesia 27 months ago as one of 20. I'm leaving Indonesia as a party of one. I'm sitting in the airport waiting for   thinking about where I've come over the past two years. I'm sure that I've changed, but not exactly sure how. Right now it is still too much to process. A certain…

Day in Motion

May 1, 2012

Category: Alumni Blogs

The Day in Motion blog is written by 2008 Catawba graduate Jon Rhodes.

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