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Love Letter to Catawba College

August 1, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Here's to all that you've already taught me before classes have even begun and the many lessons that are to come. Fair Catawba (my Catawba), While our relationship has only just begun, I am exhilarated to begin this new chapter with you. As with all good relationships, honesty is key here, so…

Catawba Worship at National Youth Event at WDW

July 25, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Catawba Worship, an ensemble of 17 student singers and Instrumentalists from Catawba College, will perform as the main house band at all worship sessions and after-hours events during the National Youth Event (NYE), co-hosted by the United Church of Christ and The Christian Church (Disciples of…

The 7 Secrets Of The Working Actor

July 21, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Inspired by The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Mark Jeter's 2014 South Eastern Theatre Conference workshop. Carolyne Barry once said, “Most actors don’t see themselves as courageous because they are compelled to learn their craft and succeed, and don’t really understand how brave they are…

The Unlikely Benevolent Nonconformist And An Exploration Of Character

July 14, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

How the "Villain" may actually be the "Hero".Character can be a difficult aspect to pin down when first meeting someone. Rather than simply labeling upon first impression, one must uncover the true character of an individual, much like peeling the endless sea of petals off of a beautiful rose. True…

Em's Corner: Moving Forward

April 15, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Last week, I got to share a bit about my freshman year and how things went on the technical side of my theatrical career. Today, I get to share a bit about my performing career. I have been cast in Catawba College's collaborated musical next year, and I'm pumped. Because performance is my primary…